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The Great Bend Public Library provides patrons with the ability to access Ancestry. Patrons can gain free access to Ancestry at the library. The State Library of Kansas provides us with the ability to access Heritage Quest. In the library, we have many different resources to help you with your genealogy questions, this includes old phone books, Great Bend Directories, local Yearbooks, microfilm of the local paper, The Great Bend Tribune, as well as a microfilm reader. We also have a scanner available.
If you have a question or wish to request an obituary, please Email us at or call the library at 620-792-2409 & ask for Reference. Some fees may apply to some searches.


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One thought on “Ancestry and Genealogy

  • August 5, 2018 at 2:32 pm

    Hi, Trying to find a family history biography that was written by a Great Bend, KS citizen: Ray “Jiggs” Schulz. The biography is about Johann Schulz. found a reference to the biography in Find A Grave’s info about Johann Schulz. Do you have this book or know anything about where it resides?

    Thank you,
    Rebecca Rose

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